Hello world!

Hi! My name is Marta Furlan. I am from Italy and was born in Milan in 1993. I speak five languages, my main areas of interest are the Middle East and Islamist terrorism and my great passion is traveling. I’m majoring in Foreign Languages for International Relations at the Catholic University. Last year I attended a summer course at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on the role of Israel in the Middle East, and have recently had been working in South Africa at the Chamber of Commerce in Johannesburg. I am currently completing my thesis on the development of jihadist terrorism by Al Qaeda in ISIS.

Follow my blog if you have a strong interest in International Relations, especially Middle East.


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. I just read your recent article on Afghan peace talks and when i traced it back to your earlier pieces, i at once thought to thank you for your contributions. it is really commendable.
    Probably Afghanistan is one of the most complicated cases of modern times. Peace talks are as elusive as they were before QCG. in my view, any talk in afghanistan is doom to fail if it doesnt take all stakeholders in loop, this must include India and Iran, becuase the groups fighting or engaged in talks are either pashtuns or Tajiks.
    take care


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