Hello world! My name is Marta Furlan, I am from Italy and was born in Milan on a sunny morning of April 1993.

I speak five languages (ok, maybe in Chinese I’m not that fluent…), my main areas of interest are Middle Eastern politics and jihadist terrorism, and my great passions are writing (as this blog testifies) and traveling. Over the past years, I have been lucky enough to travel across a lot of amazing places, from Europe, to North America, to Africa, to the Middle East and I am always ready to pack a bag, take a plane, and get lost in the narrow streets of some new cities, discover new sides of my wandering soul in the beauties of some faraway country, and enrich my understanding of the world by encountering different people, different lifestyles and different cultures .

In 2015, I graduated in Foreign Languages for International Relations at the Catholic University of Milan with a thesis on the evolution of jihadist terrorism from Al Qaeda to ISIS, and right now I am about to complete my Master in European and International Studies at the University of Trento.

My passion for Middle Eastern politics and for journalism have given birth to this blog, where I will collect all the articles and papers that I write and where I will post the english version of the articles published in two Italian journals for which I write – “Il Caffè Geopolitico” and “The Zeppelin”.

If you share my same passions; if you are interested in international politics, Middle East, security and terrorism; or if you want to start getting familiar with these topics then this blog is the place for you!

So, yalla! Read my work, comment on it, and share your views! Because this blog is also a bit yours…


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, great blog very interesting!! I had a question concerning your blog post titled ” An analysis of the Syrian Conflict through the Lenses of Realism and Constructivism” When was it written? I am currently writing an essay on the Syrian Civil War and I have quoted you. For reasons of correct citations I would need a date. Thank you very much and great article.


  2. Marta, love the article. I am from the US and grew up watching countless documentaries with my father when I was a kid. I am currently taking an international relations course in college, and came across your blog while researching for my term paper. I love your article on the Syrian Conflict, as it gave ample information and was very readable.

    Good luck in your upcoming travels, it is crazy to read about all the things you have done despite being only a few years older than me. I hope you enjoy Israel and I can’t wait to read more of your work!


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